Speak & Translate - Translator App Reviews

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Great app

Very easy to use and translates without issues.


Türkçe Korece çeviri var mi❓


I love this app

Don’t bother with app

I just downloaded it, and it didn’t work. It didn’t understand in spoken English what I said to translate to French Canadian! I knew it was too good to be true, to be able to have a conversation with someone who speaks French.


Useful, but... There were so many add pop ups and I there is a daily limit unless you buy the upgrade for $20?


Muy buena esta aplicación


I love that the app translates in different languages ??

Cảm thấy vui


Great app


What a joke

Basic Spanish translation: Does someone speak English in the home becomes Does spitz hav a penis at home.

Buena aplicación

Buena herramienta y muy práctica, es eficiente el reconocimiento de la voz, de todas las aplicaciones que he probado creo que está es la mejor opción


The fee is monthly. That was hidden to me when I loaded the app. Second, it will fill your phone with pop up messages of the phrase of the day. Third, it keeps prompting you to buy other apps that do stuff you can get free (like weather ... who pays for THAT?). Basically it works OK but no better than free ones, and the free ones carry none of the irritations. Unsubscribed.



Great ?




It’s fun.

I like using it not only to translate stuff. But it is fun to know new languages.


عمل جميل ومنسق لقد احببت ذلك

So far it’s awesome!

Needed it for an interview. Work fast! Speaks and writes it.

best in world

i love this app thank you


Quite bad to recognize non-english. Useless!!!

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