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Translator with spoken results

Really like the accompanying spoken translation. It helps learn to speak certain questions or directions instead of having to always rely on written communications.


I truly never write reviews. This app is the best overall. Dont hesitate to buy it. Its worth it. The app translates in text as well as voice.


Muito bom !

Very nice

I love it / worth the download / I would purchase in future

Speak and translate

Its the best and very useful

The best: Excellent translation and also support

I tried several other translation apps before settling on this one. I have been using this app for one year. I did not buy it initially because I thought $10 was too expensive and I did not use it often. I deal with Hispanics on a regular basis and when I need to be specific in my communication this app works perfectly. It also allows me to text between myself and Hispanics by accurately translating into Mexican Spanish. Mexican Spanish is different then Spanish. This app differentiates between Mexican Spanish and Spanish. And when you need to speak to a Hispanic from Mexico its important to use the Mexican dialect. After using this for a while I realized that when you need it you need it and $10 is not too expensive for accurate communication. I thought it would be easier for me if they had a button on the home screen to toggle between speaking and writing. This was beneficial for being able to translate and text quickly. A couple of weeks later the feature was added making the app even more better than it has been. Thank you for producing an awesome app! It is so refreshing to see one that really does what it says!


This app is the best ever!


This is the worst app Ive ever down loaded


This saved my career!!! I see Spanish clients and this app came on handy

Very little knowledge of any language





This app is totally cool!!! I think this is the best app. Those other ones dont do what this does. And it very easy!! Love it!!!!


Love this app! I get a word or phrase instantly! I mainly use it for Italian.


This is by far the best translation app and it works!!!!!


Nice app, easy and faster.

Best by a far margin!

Simple to use and very accurate in my opinion.

Loving it

It so easy to use!!!


Translation are not perfect but pretty good. I can speak French and English so I saw that it worked. I really recommend this one, most of the others dont work.


Love this app so easy to use for voice or text!

Great translation.

I like it very much. It is fun. I can learn a lot.

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