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500 add

Why would we Subscribe to an app that cost $20?

I understand this app is very useful. Our use it almost every day at work. I work in the hospital so he’s going to translate Spanish and Arabic and creel. But for $20 a year it is not worth it. Now if it was 10 yes I would be paying in an instant for the premium. The pop ups are annoying and the worst part is it uses some of your translations and doesn’t let you finish typing them because the commercial/add cut you off and makes you wait 30 seconds. I believe this app could go if our way. But the price range for it’s a little absurd. I would like for y’all to rethink the price range. Maybe offer different packages but 20 bucks to just translate isn’t a good deal.

Best thing ever to spy on my mom and dad

Now i can spy on my mom and dad


Not worth the time it took to download

No sirve

No me gusto solo se trata de dinero

So funny

This app is a lot of fun.

I like

It’s very good, but a little difficult to figure out

Phản ánh

Dịch sai nhiều quá. Bạn có chắc đây là ứng dụng tốt không???

The best thing

I very love this thing

Wrong language

I want Mandarin

So bad

So bad because so differently translations

سوار الذهب

برنامج رائع جدا ومفيد جدا يجب تنصيبه في كل جهاز


Doesn’t work. Tried to use at patient bedside. Embarrassing.

Close but no cigar

Have used this translator since arriving in Costa Rica 4 months ago and am frequently finding that its ability to translate whole sentences is actually quite silly and grammatically non-sensical. Sorry folks, google translate does a much better job and is distributed free of charge.

Dont believe their Canadian English

Since when is it pronounced "zee"?


Mexicans don’t understand this language



Daniel Flores

This app is all you need to go aboard. It is easy to use, fast and accurate. I have recommended it to friend when they plan to go on vacation to a non speaking country or when they are communicating with non English speaking persons here California and they all have given this app the thumb up.


Great resource! Easy to use.


So GOOD! I enjoy this app

The app is very good

I loved

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