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I love this I can learn French a lot

Good app

I will give this appa 5 stars definitely if it was free like it says in the apple store. When you download this app they just let you used free for 3 days and then you have to buy the trial.

Me pareció confuso el pago

recién instalado en algún lugar lei que era un periodo de prueba y de pronto me percato que me cobraron los 4.99 $, me parece que debe ser mas claro el tema del cobro, ni siquiera probe la aplicación simplemente no me gusto que me cobraran de esa manera

Cancel service

I have been trying to cancel this service but the message will not send

I like it .

I like it

Subscriptions are not clear.

After downloading the app it was not really free. And cancelling the subscription is not easy and I am glad that i’m not stuck with paying for it. I will not purchchase this app ever.

BEWARE charges are automatic

Sneaky text at bottom of first screen warns you of an AUTOMATIC monthly charge if you do not unsubscribe and you have to go to iTunes to do it!! You also must do it 24 hrs before expiration, which, for a 3-day ‘free’ trial is really sneaky


Stop using whisper to make your ad pop up without anyone clicking on it. There’s absolutely no interest value

Nice app

Works very accurately and is easy to use

Ruined it!

What have you guys done??! The ads are ridiculous and $20 for year is not justifiable even in my line of work where are use this daily it’s gotten to a point where I don’t even use this anymore. How’s the cost of running this app just skyrocketed for you guys and now you feel the need to have 1 million ads and charges $20 a year or what? What have you done? You ruined a good thing.

Seem like google translate

It translate from Vietnamese to English really bad! It doesn’t translate whole sentence but only per word!

How do we make sure it won’t charge?

I downloaded it and did not try it for free but want to make sure it doesn’t charge me. I deleted it! I looked at my iTunes and it’s not on there so I’m assuming it didn’t go through but just in case how can I tell it’s not going to charge?

Does not have all languages

I would of loved it if you carried the Moroccan Language, unfortunately you don’t.

Muy importante

Excelente productor me gusta


Its very slow

Excelente aplicación

Me gusta xq uno solo dice las frases en español y la app inmediatamente lo traduce y lo dice en inglés. Sin pérdidas de tiempo


Just plain does not work in Hebrew. Not English to Hebrew or the reverse.

Junk App!

I didn’t successfully tried even one word. It blacked out twice and showed me big Ads. Oh,No! Uninstalled immediately!


In app purchase that kicks in as soon as you activate the free trial and charges you effing immediately, along with a message that you will be charged again in 3 days. These people can shove it. Apparently they do not understand the effing concept of free trial. I may ave purchased the service. Instead I immediately cancelled the subscription and removed the offending app from my phone. Making a note of the company... Will be discussing this with the State Attorney General’s office as well. Interstate fraud is serious business. Edit: I was charged immediately following signing up for the “free” trial. You can have the $3+. I deleted the app and will never download an app produced by this company again. Dear Bruce, You’ve purchased the following subscription with a 3 days free trial: SubscriptionTranslator: No Ads & Limits AppSpeak & Translate - Translator Content ProviderIAC Search & Media Europe Ltd. Date of PurchaseMar 23, 2018 Trial Duration3 days Trial PriceFree Price$4.99/month Payment MethodVisa .... 6687 You won’t be charged for your free trial. Once it ends, your subscription will renew at $4.99 unless you cancel by Mar 25, 2018.


Это программа классная всем советую

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